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Since its foundation, Manifesto Games has launched more than 100 digital games for various platforms, genres and audiences. Here you can find some of our coolest projects below. Check it out!

Sea World Turtle Trek

Developed for Mightyplay

Bears Beehiving Badly

Developed for Gamblit Games

Blocky Hockey

Developed for Gogii Games

Mickey and Donald Have a Farm Appisode

Developer for Mightyplay

Monica Teen

Developer for Pearson

Pixels Defense

Developed for Bandai Namco

Slice of Cake

Developed for Gamblit Games

FIAT Speed Wheels

Developed for FIAT

Farm Ville

Live Ops teams for Mightyplay

Eu Gosto M@ais

Developed for Editora IBEP

Cultura Inglesa e-Young

Developed for Cultura Inglesa

Pac-Man Friends

Samsung porting developed for Bandai Namco

Jake and Neverland Pirates Appissde

Developed for Mightyplay

Familia Natural

Developed for Gas Natural Fenosa

Expo Milano Interaction

Developed for APEX

Fiat Fantasy Ride

Developed for FIAT

Play and Learn

Developed for Richmond

Immuno Rush

Developed for USP